Story 2, part 2 – how to deal with anxiety


I said I was going to keep posting regularly but Uni has taken me over! HOWEVER, here’s a post following my last one on Anxiety and panic attacks, and how I deal with it..

After suffering from Panic attacks for many years, and my closest family members suffering from it to, I’m now familiar with what a panic attack is, how you know it’s starting, and what to do. A panic attack is simply your body going into ‘flight mode’ when it doesn’t agree with something or a scenario. With panic attacks comes anxiety; anxiety that I will have a panic attack. Also general anxiety about anything and everything. I try to keep it in tact by doing a few things that help me deal/work with the fact that I have anxiety.

The first one, and relevant one, is the gym. Being so busy, especially at Uni, it’s easy to get caught up in this mode of: work, socializing, reading etc… The gym is like a distraction and a place I can go to take my mind off everything and just focus on building myself as a person. When I’m in there, I zone out, and try to avoid thinking about what I do on a daily basis to clear my mind. It also helps me feel stronger, so I know if I feel that way, I can deal with any situation that makes me anxious. Of course, it’s easy to work out with a bad situation in mind which of course drives your workout in a different direction… which for me personally, is a wrong reason to work out, and one that can become almost a trap. I have to go to the gym with the mind set of it helping me grow myself and take me away from everything else. I know this is probably really common for a lot of people and one that works. One of my closest friends tells me about how much she loves the gym, and i’m so proud of her for finding something that works for her. I know a lot of people probably use this method to keep themselves balanced and I think it’s a good one! The gym is a good place to start learning that, if you physically train and build yourself, mentally, you do the same thing.

Secondly, is organisation. I know this probably sounds silly but, it’s really helpful. If I have loads of things to do, I panic that I’m gonna run out of time, or won’t be able to do it properly, or find something to make me anxious. After years and years of trying to figure out the most practical way to avoid that anxiety and therefore panic, organization is the thing that helps. It allows you to a) prioritize, b) ‘tick things off’ and c) give yourself space to breathe. It might sound silly because some people just take everything as it comes (and if that works for you then, fab!) but for me, this is a key one, to remind myself of everything I have to do as well as organizing things I want to do, to keep me going.

Finally, and most important, is probably talking. This is a hard one for me and most people I’m sure but, talking about how you feel helps. Someone enlightened me on a quote ‘A problem shared, is a problem halved’ and it’s true. Sharing your anxious thoughts and worries with someone takes some pressure of yourself knowing its only you that thinks this way when in reality, it probably isn’t. Halving your anxieties, gives room for the person you’re sharing them with to help you, reassure you, and support you; in letting you know that to you, what seems like a really big thing, might not be as bad if you take baby steps towards it. I’m currently mid-rehearsal for a performance on my Drama course which I think is probably wise to mention here. We looked at why men find it hard to share how they feel. Obviously. I’m not a man, so I don’t properly know or understand, but after some research, I think I might have an idea… society puts so much pressure on men to not share anything and on women to be the ones who are ‘emotional’. This is wrong. It’s wrong because despite being man or woman, we’re human; thing’s build up inside us and we are not made of steel. Sometimes, life comes at you hard and fast, and you face things, and feel things that might be strange to you. Especially as a man I think it’s harder because you’re socially taught not to ‘feel anything’ but, it happens. My advice is, to both men and women, if something’s making you anxious and worried, even if it’s the smallest thing ever, share it, because it builds and that’s when it becomes dangerous. Forget what society says, and focus on how YOU feel. This is a hard one, but I promise one that works.

Of course these are all things that worked for me, and everyone is different but, give them a go if you feel this way, and see how it goes…

Next post (sooooon) will be a new story, one that I think a lot of people might relate to, so keep an eye out 😉

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Trying out blogging because it's important to know you're not alone - Drama student at University of Exeter
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2 Responses to Story 2, part 2 – how to deal with anxiety

  1. Panic attacks suck. And yea gyming really helps, never tried organization though


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