Final post of 2017 –

I’m reminiscing on a crazy 2017.

I’ve met some people that I now know will be with me forever. I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing a whole new world and realising that you don’t need all the things we have in our world to be happy, but just the small things. I’ve had some incredible holidays this year with the most special people. Most of all, I made the decision to start this. It was a hard thing to do, and I had a lot of the stories already written without posting because I didn’t know how to address such a taboo issue… Mental health is so important. It can be harder on the person than a physical illness which is what people don’t see. Physical illnesses speak for themselves, but a mental illness can’t be spoken. Literally, and sometimes because there are no words to describe your state of mind. I thought… why keep all of these thoughts in, when you can self-express while helping others.

A few lil notes…

This upcoming week is a hard one for anyone with an eating disorder, even me who’s at the stage I am at now. The first week of January is known as the ‘diet’ week where everywhere in the media, people advertise on how to lose weight etc. My advice and what I’m going to try to do too… is stay low on social media and just do what you do best. BEAT support have a twitter page that offers a 3pm-10pm (I think) support where anyone can message them to speak to someone if you’re having trouble. (I’ll put their @ and link below).

Today itself can be a hard day, I know it can be for me too with all the pressure of trying to be better in the new year, and be a better version of yourself, improve little things about you is everywhere on social media. I know anyone reading this, and feeling somewhat similar has already been trying to do that all of this time so, maybe today, take a break from all of that. Look back on the good times this year, and the not so good times and remember the lessons those moments have taught you. Take next year to focus on yourself, and do things you love, that make you feel alive.

Thank you to every single person who’s taken the time to read any blog post of mine, & for every message. It really is such an amazing feeling knowing its not just you who thinks this way. I’ll be back next year with some new stories… and some more advice on how I deal with my battles; for now, happy new year! – @BeatEDSupport x

About mentalstability

Trying out blogging because it's important to know you're not alone - Drama student at University of Exeter
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