‘Body Image’ adding a voice to the face…

Earlier this week, I got the chance to speak out on BBC news about my opinion on body image and how it’s personally affected me. I can’t believe how much coverage on this issue is being given on TV and it makes me so happy that people are finally speaking about this because, it’s so real. Take 2 mins to watch my take on body image…
For me, body image was one of the main reasons that me wanting to lose weight spiralled out of control into my eating disorder. Not the only reason, but definitely one of the most prominent ones. My reflection and how I see myself, is something that will always have a little trigger button to it for the rest of my life. I am learning to be comfortable in my own skin, something that will take years; to rely on only myself to be happy with what I look like and who I am.
Recently this month, a few young people had petitioned for a while for the government to take action towards the portrayal of body image and I agree. To advertise a perfume, you don’t need a male or female model to show how something smells? This creates a perception to us that everything in life is image orientated, when it’s not and shouldn’t be. It’s hard in a society that’s so image focused to find your place of self-acceptance. My advice to anyone who’s trying to do this (and i still am, it doesn’t happen overnight) is to build yourself from the inside out, surround yourself with loving, caring, appreciative people who like you for you and not your image, and do what you like. It gives you an internal thrill and fills you inside so that eventually, what’s on the outside wont matter anymore.
Finally a response has been given by the government (wish they were this fast with other issues too…) and there are going to be changes to the portrayal of body image in the media. This needs to be done because when I log onto my Instagram, everyone looks the same… The government also wants to put in place posters/media displays on body image awareness because it is one of the strongest mental thoughts there can be; being aware about it, is only a step forward because you feel like it’s not just you.
I’m so glad I got the chance to share my experience and take on body image and that, even though there’s so much left to do about eating disorders, something is being done.
See you soon

About mentalstability

Trying out blogging because it's important to know you're not alone - Drama student at University of Exeter
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